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PostSubject: Rules: EVERYONE MUST READ   Rules: EVERYONE MUST READ I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 24, 2013 12:20 pm


-To switch a character you must have been active for 1 month. Second characters can only be made after being active on the site for 2 months. We only allow second characters so soon because we understand some of your characters are going to die quickly.
-Do not create multiple accounts before your 2-3 months are up or share your account or password with anyone.
-If you want to kill your character it must be approved by an admin. We don’t want you to kill a character every time you get bored of one.
-Do not hack a staff's account; there will be a ban if you do. Neither do you hack the forum or a member's account.
-There is no text talk such as 'lol, omg! I gtg, cya l8er!' at all. We do not tolerate it. You may use 'lol' and 'omg' and out of characters posts, but that's it. Absolutely no abbreviations in in-character posts.
-No arguing with any staff or members of the site. If you have a problem with another person PM one or all of the admins and we’ll take care of the problem.
-This Role-play is rated PG, and anything rated above that must say so in the title. We do allow PG-13 and PG-15 posts, but you must mark the rating in the thread. No R-rated threads. We expect you to know what is and isn't PG. If there are any doubts, PM any of the admins.


-All OOC posts must be at least five words.
-Please try not to have OOC posts in IC threads. We understand you must sometimes, but when you do, put it in double parentheses ((like this)). It is unnecessary to say you'll be back in a few minutes, and things along those lines.
-Absolutely zero bullying is allowed. It will be reported right away.
-Do not advertise.
-Absolutely no cursing, under any circumstances. Remember, the site as a whole is PG-rated.


-Please use the sheet located in the Newbie Center.
-Do not mention any other characters in your sheet unless you have their permission.
-You must have an accepted character sheet and have been moved to the Approved Character Sheets before Role-playing.
-We do allow your character to be related to the characters from the book, but before writing your character sheet, you must PM an admin and ask for approval of your character. The faceclaim will also need approved by an admin.
-We do not accept any characters with the same first name as a character from the book, unless it is a fairly common name.
-Don't make your character exactly like a canon character. We enjoy reading about unique, interesting characters.
-We only have so many spots open in each district, and we appreciate it when you apply for a low lying district. For example, everyone shouldn't be applying for only District 12, District 4, and District 1. I know those are popular and well known districts in the books, but you should be realistic. Which District does your character belong in?


-Threads not marked PG 13 or up must stick to the PG rating. If we see a thread that doesn't, we will delete it without warning.
-All IC posts must be at least five sentences.
-Please try to match the person you are RPing with lengths. It's very annoying to send in a large post, and be sent back a few lines.
-Only role-play as your own character. When you join, you register as one character, and that is the character you will have to play unless you wish to switch characters.
-No godmodding. As in don’t control another person’s character. If needed you must get their permission for doing so.
-Your character cannot be infinitely strong. You have to train, and your character grows stronger.
-Give other people a chance to respond. This expecially applies during sword fights or duels in general. If your character is Joe, you cannot say "Joe struck his opponent on the head with his sword, and he fell to the floor, dead." Instead, say "Joe raised his sword and swung it towards his opponent's head." This gives the opponent the chance to say "The opponent blocked Joe's hit with his own sword."
-Every IC post must be in third person.
-There is no toleration for killing one's character without said person saying yes.
-Try to have good spelling and grammar. Try your best.

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