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 Character Sheet - Willow Mellark

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Willow Mellark
District 12
Willow Mellark

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PostSubject: Character Sheet - Willow Mellark   Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:12 pm

Character's name: Willow Mellark

Gender: [ ] Male [x] Female

Please choose one of the following: [x] Citizen [ ] Avox [ ] Victor

Age: 13

Job (if your character is old enough to attain a job): N/A
District and why you think your character belongs in this district: (Note; if your character has a parent or sibling who is also a character being played, you must be in the same district as that character.) District 12. That's where her family lives.

Please provide at least two paragraphs for each of the following.

Appearance: Willow has long, wavy dark hair that falls just at the middle of her back. She's slim and small for her age, very much like her mother's deceased sister, Primrose. She's very pretty, though she never has worn make up before, besides for family interviews her family is forced to do every so often, because of her parents. Sometimes, when you see her, WIllow will have a light blush upon her cheeks, which happens easily when she's complimented. She looks strikingly like her mother, with high cheekbones and full lips, but the twinkling blue eyes belong to her dad. Pale complexion.

Falling at roughly 5 feet, she's obviously very short. Willow can often be seen in comfortable pants, worn boots and a warm jacket. Sometimes, she's also armed with a bow and arrow. She loves it when her mother braids her hair down her back just like her own, so expect that as well. Occasionally, she'll have cracked lips and desperate eyes, but that's only when District 12 gets scarce of food, which isn't as often as it used to be. Willow's favorite feature is her eyes. Being a daddy's girl, she loves resembling him.

History: Willow has, pretty much, lived a normal Seam life up to this point. After her parents defeated President Snow and President Coin, declaring the Hunger Games were gone for good and demolishing all the arenas, a new President rose to power. He stays hidden, concealed, so nobody knows his name, or even if he's a man, for that matter. Everyone refers to him as, simply, "the President". He seemed alright for a while, so Peeta and Katniss had kids. Two, Willow and Rye. But then, something awful happened. The President decided to put on the Hunger Games again, not appreciating how the Districts didn't listen to him, how they ruled themselves. So they rounded up some Peacekeepers, and built the arenas again.

Willow's parents were devastated, and while her brother didn't seem to really and truly understand yet, she did. She could tell how desperate her parents were, and Willow just didn't know what to do. Everything resorted to it's old ways, and it seemed like all hope was lost. Willow started taking tesserae, and slowly, the food in District 12 became more scarce. Eventually, she knew she'd want to learn how to hunt, just like her mother. She couldn't just help her dad bake forever. They needed meat, and they were growing sick of the burnt bread they eat every night. Willow found herself in her mother's exact place, when she was fourteen.

Personality: Willow is a very sweet, charming girl. She takes after her mother and her father in personality. She's compassionate and loving, just like Peeta, while she's independent and strong, like her mother. She adores to sing like her grandfather did, and enjoys hearing stories about how her parents survived the Hunger Games. Family is everything to Willow. She values it over everything. If she were to lose a family member, she wouldn't be able to function. Just like her mother, Willow looks after Rye all the time. It's not that her parents won't, it's that she likes looking after him. She doesn't want anything to happen to him, which means she's often with him, paranoid someone will snatch him away.

Willow can also be especially stubborn. If she wants to do something, she'll do it, no matter what. You can't stop her, once she's made up her mind. It's done. Sometimes, she's also guilty of shutting people out. She tends to do it a lot, whether on purpose or on accident, it doesn't matter. She doesn't like talking to people about her problems, and lies easily. A people person, sometimes, as well, like her father. Other times, she's very shy and bashful, like her mother. It really depends on what kind of mood you catch her in.

If a victor, please tell how you won the games: N/A

Roleplay sample (must be in the third person): Ariella had never felt such a warm feeling before. It was like someone had just made a s'more, and stuck it inside her stomach.

This was no odd occurrence, in actuality. It was happiness. Simple, yet effective. Ariella had never been so happy before, and there was no real cause of the feeling. She just...well, she just liked it at camp. She was accepted here, in a weird way, though she rarely talked to anyone. Maybe it was because she could finally relax, knowing that she never felt normal when she was younger because she wasn't normal -- she had the blood of a god inside of her, for Heaven's sake. Whatever the reason, nothing the girl did could keep the huge, cheesy grin off of her face.

She now sat comfortably just outside the armory door; enough to be concealed, so those inside wouldn't see her, but enough so she could peek in and watch the campers jab their weapons at each other. Not knowing how to use a weapon of any sort, Ella felt as if she was intruding if she went in: she didn't belong in there, she couldn't so much as hold a knife correctly! She figured within time she'd be forced to learn, though, so she was hoping she might be able to catch a few tips from watching the others. Besides, the unclaimed greek was actually fascinated with weapons, and if she wasn't so timid, she might have even tried on her own. Obviously, she didn't try, because she was Ariella. And Ariella, the bashful little girl, never tried anything. That's just how she's always been, I suppose.

Her hands were twitching chaotically as she watched the campers, as though her hands themselves wanted to get in, fight with Ariella's peers. To keep them busy, her fingers anxiously braided her dark hair behind her, almost automatically as she kept her eyes trained on the kids sparring. She was itching to learn how to fight, but she didn't know the first thing about any of this. Clueless. So until she found some knowledge, the girl would just watch. Just as she leaned in to get a better look, Ella tumbled backwards, right in to somebody's feet.

Blushing profusely, she pushed herself up and awkwardly dusted herself off, avoiding the person's eyes. "Sorry, I-I was just -- I was going to -- sorry." The words came tumbling out of her mouth as she fiddled with her fingers.

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Character Sheet - Willow Mellark
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