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PostSubject: Plot.   Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:48 pm

It's been years since the death of President Snow. For a long time, Panem rested in peace. It seemed perfect. The arenas demolished, the Hunger Games forgotten.

But, it didn't last. Now there's a new president in charge. He works anonymously. Nobody knows his name, or even if he's a man. He hides in his headquarters, and orders people around, never showing his face. He's terrifying. The citizens refer to him simply as "The President". And he's just as awful as Snow. Slowly, things are slipping back into their old ways. The arenas have been built again. The districts have found their old places. Children in 1 and 2 are beginning to train for the Games again. Food is becoming scarcer in some of the poorer districts. Peacekeepers are no longer a rare sight.

And the 76th Hunger Games are ready to begin.

((Note: to contribute to the plot, we're in need of many characters. A president would be very nice, and there's no specific gender or faceclaim they need to have because of the unknown thingy. Please join!))
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